What makes a good nursery What makes a good nursery What makes a good nursery What makes a good nursery

What makes a good nursery

We are very much aware that choosing that as parents there are many things to consider when choosing childcare for your little one. First of all will they settle ? What will they be doing at nursery ? will they be safe ? Am I doing the right thing as I have never left him/her before ? There are many more...

Below is a list of points to consider when looking at a nursery:-

Always ensure that the nursery is registered with OFSTED. The registration certificate should be displayed together with the current certificate of Insurance. Also ask to see a copy of the recent OFSTED Inspection report which highlights the quality of the nursery education they offer, the rating of the resources, and facilities.


  • Is the nursery bright warm clean and welcoming ?
  • Is the equipment of good quality clean and safe ?
  • Is there a secure and clean outside area  ?
  • What sort of meals are provided and ask to see the menu's
  • Is the food fresh ?
  • Can the nursery provide special diets ?
  • Are the menu's changed ?
  • Do the children look happy and well occupied ?
  • Are the children in the nursery using equipment variety and staff interacting with them ?
  • Are the staff happy, comfortable, well presented and calm and confident ?

Ask about staff ratio's

  • 1 to 3  - 0 to 2 years of age
  • 1 to 4  - 2 to 3 years of age
  • 1 to 8  - 3 to 5 years of age

Nursery standards   

50% of staff must hold relevant childcare qualifications such as level 2 or equivalent. one member of staff must have a First Aid Certificate and all supervizors must have a level 3 or quivalent

Do parents and staff work in partnership, recording your child's activities and achievements ?

Will your child be given a keyworker ? Who will keep you informed ?

Activities to be discussed are, diet, potty training, emergency procedures, discipline, and other nursery policies e.g. booking holidays in line with the nursery policy.


Did you enjoy your visit ?

Were the staff confident in answering any questions you had

Was it friendly, relaxed and informing ?

If your child went with you, did they enjoy it or went away into the nursery and got involved ? This does depend on the child.